Very Short History of Portugal

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From the moment the first men set foot in the Iberian Peninsula, around 2000 b.C., until the end of the «New State» and the independence of the ex‑colonies, through various kings, sea voyages to India and other destinations, these pages have a lot to tell.

The history of Portugal is long and complex, and so Oliveira Marques, one of the most renowned Portuguese historians, began by writing it down in three volumes which became a classic of Portuguese historiography. Based on them, he also prepared this very short version, which summarises all crucial events.This rare, small‑format book retains all the rigour and historical breadth of longer editions, and is as useful for scholars as it is for inquisitive people.

Editor: Tinta da China

Edição: 2019

Autor: A. H. de Oliveira Marques

ISBN: 9789896714208

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