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Welcome to the Maritime Museum Online Shop!

The Maritime Museum is a worldwide reference in the History of the Discoveries and the relation of the Man with the Sea, with a rich collection of various objects, from sailing charts and nautical instruments, models of ships and real vessels, pictures and engravings, among many others.

At the Maritime Museum Online Shop, we select exclusive pieces based on our collections. Each object tells an epopee, represents a memory. From the editions of the Portuguese Navy to the soaps of the Discoveries, from the silk scarves with Maps to the wines of Magellan, from the replicas of the Nautical Astrolabe to Caravels to assemble, each object is a story and a continuation of the Museum's experience.

We hope that you like our offer and new pieces that we are always creating and developing, in partnership with authors and designers who care about the quality, history and sustainability of our products.

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