Lisbon Poets

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This bilingual and illustrated edition offers to all English-speaking readers interested in poetry, and in the cultural legacy of Lisbon, verses written by great poets who were born or lived in Portugal’s iconic capital city.

The globally celebrated Luís de Camões and Fernando Pessoa, along with the latter’s heteronyms, are joined by three other poets widely praised within the Portuguese-speaking world - Cesário Verde, Mário de Sá-Carneiro, and Florbela Espanca -, whom we have the pleasure of introducing to you.

Editor: Lisbon Poets & Co.

Edição: 2015

Autor: Fernando Pessoa, Florbela Espanca, Luís de Camões, Mário de Sá-Carneiro e Cesário Verde

ISBN: 9789899942202

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Encadernação Capa mole
N.º de páginas 195
Dimensões 20 x 14 x 1,4 cm
Observações 1ª edição / Edição bilingue (PT/EN)
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