Recipes of Kings and Fishermen

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"Eating is also travelling, and travelling is getting to know the places and the people who inhabit them. Cascais, a destination of kings and fishermen, tourists - Portuguese and foreigners - is a place of people from the mountains and the sea and of a unique gastronomic heritage, resulting from the crossing of multiple cultures and traditions.

Kings and Fishermen's Recipes, now in English edition, takes us on a guided tour of about eighty recipes with diverse origins and characteristics, but all with a Cascais “flavour”. From the most representative dishes of the gastronomic traditions of this municipality to the modern reinterpretations of some of those same traditions, we rediscover the importance of fish and shellfish, poultry and game meat, cakes and cookies. Delight yourself with the famous «areias» and «nozes», the dishes appreciated by the King D. Carlos, or with unique historical episodes, such as that of a Lord of Cascais who promised Camões some stuffed chickens in exchange for verses."

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Editor: Casa das Letras

Edição: 2019

Autor: Raquel Moreira, Cláudia Silva Mataloto

ISBN: 9789896606015

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