The Lusiads

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The national epic of Portugal, The Lusiads, were published in 1572 to celebrate its achievements as a seafaring power, one whose people had spread over the globe - from Brazil to Japan - in a quarter of a century. Recounting the heroic voyage to India of the explorer Vasco da Gama, the poem also touches on Portugal's successes in the past, speculates on her future discoveries, tells a number of contemporary traveller's tales and describes fantastical encounters with giants and sea-goddesses. Camões, himself an explorer, took Virgil's Aeneid as his model to create a narrative of high courage, achievement and adventure. The resulting ten cantos that make up The Lusiads form the backbone of the classic literature of Portugal. William C. Atkinson's lucid prose translation is accompanied by an extensive introduction that discusses the themes of The Lusiads, and gives detailed summary of the original poem, with a map showing Vasco da Gama's routes. 

Translation: William C. Atkinson

Editor: Penguin Books

Autor: Luís Vaz de Camões

ISBN: 9780140440263

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